Benefits of being able to read

Reading is the key that opens the door to the outside world. Without the ability to read, a great deal of learning would be impossible as reading stimulates the development of our intellectual, emotional, social, moral, cultural, professional and religious lives. Reading also adds joy and pleasure in life and provides entertainment and excitement.

Through reading we can find information on our own and make informed decisions without relying on others.  A solid grasp of reading also allows for a solid foundation for writing. Someone who can read and write well will function better in life. For adults reading opens up a wide world of employment opportunities as without reading skills, job opportunities are limited.

Reading is power!


 Success-Story-1-picSince starting with the Word4Word Reading Therapy sessions, my son cannot stop reading. He realised that he reads fluently and since then he is motivated about reading himself. Thank you so much, I am so excited to see this – ZelnaZack’s reading speed improved from 43wpm to 59wpm on Grade 2 level. His comprehension improved from 70% to 100%Word4Word is so proud of you Zack!!  Success-Story-2-PicThank you so much for what you do for my child at Word4Word Reading Therapy. She enjoys it so much and cannot stop talking about you. She reads every night before she goes to bed. Suddenly she reads English stories as well, where it was only Afrikaans. She has so much confidence in her ability to read since doing the Therapy sessions  – Renata”Michaela’s reading speed improved from 30wpm to 54wpm on Grade 1 level. Her comprehension improved from 80% to 100%You are a star Michaela!
 Success-Story-3-PicRoelof just wanted to play rugby. He did not want to hear of the word READING until he came to you for his Word4Word Reading sessions. Thank you so much for using his passion…rugby, to help create a love for reading in him. I am amazed to see how his results in school have improved since he started to read! – ChristiRoelof’s reading speed improved from 31wpm to 56 wpm on Grade 3 level. His comprehension improved from 50% to 80%.You are a Springbok Reader in Word4Word’s eyes Roelof!   Success-Story-4-Pic1I thought Werner had problems with his eye-sight, but after his Word4Word Therapy sessions, realised that he struggled with reading. He received a certificate at school for improving most in his grade with his subjects. I know it’s because he started to enjoy reading. I cannot thank you enough – CarienWerner’s Reading speed improved from 69 wpm to 115 wpm on Grade 5 level. His comprehension improved from 60% to 85%.Well done Werner!
 Success-Story-5-picSince attending the Word4Word Reading Therapy sessions, I find my daughter suddenly reading late nights (with the torch on!) She has developed into a bookworm. Her little sister is going to attend the sessions now. Thank you for changing my daughters’ world! – Sulene
Carla’s Reading Speed improved from 75wpm to 95wpm on Grade 5 level. Her Comprehension improved from 40% to 80%Excellent Carla!! Word4Word loves our Readers!